Best Shrimp Creole

Recently, I watched on TV a food truck chef make Bread Pudding in her truck. It looked delicious and I remembered I often made Bread Pudding based upon a recipe from the following book:

I lost the book and mentioned this to Susan. And guess what? She bought me a copy.

It’s a great cookbook, a history book filled with vintage photos and “…great Creole and Cajun recipes from the city’s grand restaurants and modest cafes, from mansions and country kitchens, superbly clear directions, local cooking secrets.”

Here’s the recipe (Note: I added asparagus and I used cocktail shrimp which I added to the wok for the last few minutes:


2 thoughts on “Best Shrimp Creole

  1. Hi Bruce, my husband worked with Rima when he was a grad student in New Orleans as her sommelier at her cooking school and her only graduate student that she worked with at that time. This recipe looks safe to me, but i must warn you (we have a copy too) that since so many of the recipes are based upon days when plantations had slaves, they are very labor intensive, not only that, use enough butter to kill you. Literally. She and her husband both died young with something related to eating too rich food….just thought I’d warn ya! He could tell you some funny stories about those two!


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