I see myself as an artist. Whether I am photographing a woman, a wedding, a cat or dog, a nude, nature, a baby, a bird, a pizza……I consider all my photography art; and all my photography is personal work coming from a place of love and light. Life is my subject matter.


An admirer of my photography writes: “You have shown me to see the world with a completely different set of eyes. Every single day you bring beauty, joy, depth, and new perspective into my life. I cannot thank you enough for being the beautiful, kind, loving, gentle, and soulful man you are.”

If you are looking for beautiful portrait,  nature, or documentary photography, or someone you know is looking for photography that helps to create a more artful and beautiful life, please contact me.

I create Beautiful Photography. Prints and Framed Fine Art Photography meant to last a lifetime!

“Thank You for making my life more beautiful with each of your photographs. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful images and words. Your vision is a gift. May your art and life grace us for many years.”