All Cats Go To Heaven


It is early Wednesday morning
January 3, 2019
Dark and cold
I am walking my dog
Freddy, a mini-labradoodle
I am thinking of my cat
I had a cat
We had a cat
A Calico Cat
It has been four months
Since she went to our Father in Heaven
We missed her at Christmas
I thought we had lost her
This past summer when she escaped
From the house and wandered
Nearby our property
A neighbor found her the next day
I picked her up and was struck
By how much weight she had lost
How her body was just skin and bones
She loved the outdoors, roaming around
In the backyard, sometimes near Freddy
But more often than not
Alone in the garden or a flower-bed
She came to me twelve years ago
I lived in a loft then and she delighted
In climbing the beams below the ceiling
And when Nadine and I moved
In with Susan she seemed happy here
Exploring new territory, new chairs
And tables, and beds, and late in life
Darker places–underneath the ottoman
In the sitting room or the end table
Still she sat
Near me, her paws
Placed softly on my legs
Quietly purring
Still I see her out of the corner of eye
Still I hear her early in the morning
At the bedroom door, more moaning than purring
And she would come running
Whe she heard me opening a can of tuna
Freddy doesn’t seem to miss her but
Who knows; he often crawls under the ottoman
And scratches at the rug still covered just a little
With her hair. Nadine was so often a muse
There are thousands of photographs
Of her, and I think of her, yes, I see her
Throughout the day wondering
If she will some how just show up
One day. I give thanks
She lived so long with me
With Susan, with Freddy.
All cats go to Heaven.

A few photos:


8 thoughts on “All Cats Go To Heaven

  1. Our Abigail is also a calico queen. We know the sense of loss of a beloved pet. Monty’s heart was a little too big and we had to say goodbye in April. I believe all cats go to Heaven and when our Abi gets there some day (hopefully many years from now) she’ll be roaming with her very independent attitude 😎


  2. I’ve been so busy that I didn’t realize Nadine was gone. Feeling bereft, and yet I never met her.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful tribute, Bruce.


  3. A truly moving and loving tribute for the exceptional being that Nadine was, Bruce. Words escape me, but the impact remains. ❀️


  4. bruce and susan,

    i’m so sorry to read this. my heart crushed in my chest. nadine was iconic. i loved so much seeing your photos of her. i will miss them. she was very much alive to me. every time you posted about her i felt happy.




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