The Very Best Burger

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I have never bought a store-made hamburger patty. Never!

I like to make my own. Here is one with parsley, Parmesan cheese and Worcestershire Sauce topped with hamburger relish  and red onion sitting on an English Muffin. Doesn’t it look delicious?

And here is another topped with corn salsa! Do I hear an Ole!!!???

Oh, I have eaten store-made hamburger patties at graduation parties and summer barbeques. Once I even put a knife through my palm trying to separate a few frozen patties that were given to me as a gift. Some gift! They meant well and I was just dumb.

But a few weeks ago, I was in Big Y World Class Food Market and a “New Item” caught my eye. A simple but beautiful package of 4 hamburgers from Schweid & Sons, “The Very Best Burger,” “Fresh Custom Blend Ground Beef Burgers.”  Me, being an adventurer always ready and willing to try something new, picked up a package.

The first time I cooked 2 burgers for Susan and me, it rained and I was forced to bake them. I simply couldn’t wait another day to see if I liked these burgers.  I did. Delicious!

Here I served them on English Muffins, with Swiss Cheese, Banana Peppers, Ketchup and Relish. Sides of homes fries and carrot fries—-both seasoned with Old Bay Seasoning.

The second time I grilled the burgers. Always better on the grill!

Keeping it simple here. English Muffin, Hamburger Relish, Sliced Campari tomatoes. Delicious!

I definitely recommend the burgers from Schweid & Sons. Are they the very best burger? Who knows? Who cares? Give them a try. Fire up that grill. Open a bottle of wine. Bon Appetit!

And if you are looking for a Buffalo Burger, give D’Artagnan a try. I grill these all the time and love them! I also buy there bacon—no nitrates!

When Susan and I eat out and want a burger we enjoy the food at Shortstop Bar & Grill in Westfield, Massachusetts.


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