Thank You WEB-TACTICS, INC. of Easthampton, MA

National Felt

A BIG THANK YOU to Janel Jorda of WEB-TACTICS for helping me to get my new website organized and up and running—all done with love and great customer service. Efficient. Effective. Smart. Helpful. Patient. Kind. These are words that come to my mind today as I write this testimonial. And not only did Janel understand and appreciate the importance of getting my site online correctly and creatively, she knew the importance of the site to growing my business—Bruce Barone Photography. So pleased I am with Janel’s marketing and website design savvy I moved my site from a hosting service I had been with for 10+ years to Web-tactics. Certainly, there is also something to be said to be working, partnering, with a local business to grow your business—at a fair price. Using a few fine art/photography key words to conclude; Janel Jorda is an original, professional, passionate, creating beautiful websites.

Pictured above, National Felt of Easthampton, MA along with Mt.Tom and St. Brigids Church. Photo by Bruce Barone.

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