Scared Shitless


A big black dog
Attached to a broken leash
Appears from no where.
Follows me and my dog.
I pick my dog up
And cradle him in my arms.
I make eye contact
Once with the big black dog
As he circles around us.
I say sit, sit
Sit as the big black dog
Circles around us again
And again. I say sit.
Doesn\’t anyone know
Their dog is missing.
I walk slowly.
My heart and my dog\’s heart
Beat rapidly as one.
I admit it. Yes I am
Scared shitless. I wave
Down an oncoming truck.
\”Can you please give me and my dog a lift
Home. We live around the corner.\”
Hop on in he says. You never know
About those big black dogs.
At home I call the dog catcher.
I drink a cup of coffee.
I eat a piece of cake.
I sit outside with my dog
Next to my garden. A butterfly
Appears. And I am at peace.

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