An Anniversary

  Valentine\’s Day is around the corner and I like to share with you a love story. Fourteen years ago on February 9, Susan and I met at the bar at the Apollo Grill in Easthampton, Massachusetts which was inside Eastworks where I lived and had a photography studio and art gallery. And as theyContinue reading “An Anniversary”

Watermelon Chaat

Cool salad for a hot summer’s day. So refreshing! I found this recipe in the New York Times. The reporter writes: “This recipe for watermelon chaat, a savory fruit salad dressed in toasted cumin and dried mango powder, comes from Malika Ameen, a cookbook author whose Pakistani-American family in Chicago makes infinite variations on fruitContinue reading “Watermelon Chaat”

A Sunday Sermon: A Recipe for Self-Improvement

I read the following a few days ago and I found it inspiring. Food for thought, if you will. Susan gave me the magazine last week. She had been talking about reading spiritual books with an older man in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center. He had said to her that was whatContinue reading “A Sunday Sermon: A Recipe for Self-Improvement”

Live Artfully

I received my first issue of Galerie Magazine yesterday. The Spring issue. The magazine was launched in 2016, I believe, and the present Editor-in-Chief is Margaret Russell, the former editor of Elle Décor and Architectural Digest. According to promotional literature, Galerie Magazine \”is a quarterly publication that engages readers who have a passion for artContinue reading “Live Artfully”

Miso-Glazed Cod

My wife and I love Cod. Hey, we live in Massachusetts and Cod is like New England’s fish! And we, well me, love Miso. And this recipe based on one from Ellie Krieger is so easy to prepare and delicious! Ingredients 1 pound Cod, (I used the Captain’s Cut, Loin.) 2 tablespoons Sweet Yellow MisoContinue reading “Miso-Glazed Cod”

Spring Is In The Air

I hope! Because it is snowing again this morning! And then later in the day I hope to see this:   If you are looking for beautiful portrait, wedding, nature, or documentary photography, or someone you know is looking for photography that helps to create a more artful and beautiful life, please contact me.  PhotographyContinue reading “Spring Is In The Air”