A September Afternoon


Where I go
To the garden
To the study
To the kitchen
He goes. My buddy
Freddy. Always he follows
Me. Yesterday he sat
And waited next to me
As I wrapped four
Of my photo books
To mail to friends.
Last month three people
Never thanked me for the gift.
My art director said
There are crosses
In many of my photographs.
I believe in quietness
And in confidence
Is my strength.
A goldfinch sits on
A red zinnia. Freddy
Does not see the bird
Yet. He is busy
Rolling in the pachysandra.
I am reading a book
I bought in 1985. I was
Working at Hearst Magazines.
Whatever became of Gretel Schneider?
Ronnie Cohen? Gayle Fleming?
Hot September afternoon.
Blue sky. Bright sun.
Crickets singing.
It is hot sitting in the sun.
I could move to the shade.
Freddy moved minutes ago.
He sits under a blue chair.
I\’ll be in the shade soon.
I am wearing straw hat.
I haven\’t see a butterfly
For days but just now
One appears. Little things
Like this bring me
Great joy. The bumblebees
Come every day. Too many
To count. Moving from
Zinnia to zinnia.. Freddy tries
Sometimes to catch one.
I do not think I have
Ever been happier than now.

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