There Is Wonder


This is where it starts.
The embrace. And then
Later, long after
The band had retired;
What of music?
It makes everything worse
Or better; if you know
What I mean.
Have you been listening?
Now that that was
First love, what is this?
Let me catch my breath.
Here we go.
All the plants lean
Eastward. The clouds
Heave in Heaven.
To you this might sound silly.
In geometry we learned.
Of the the first kiss
There is wonder.
Waitresses do have sex.
For better or for worse.
Puffs of milkweed
Circle upward. And this
We look forward to doing.
What love?
It is important
To find the idea
Behind the first line.
There is light enough.
All of us up here
I think are afraid.

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