My Weight Loss


Yesterday? Tuesday
I cut the dead leaves off the tomato plants.
I drained the dirty water out of my dog\’s pink plastic pool.
I cut zinnias–purple, orange, pink and put them in a vase
Upon a white table next to the garden.
I gave support to the cosmos.
Dear Mom, my garden is a happy place.
I pray you are happy in your garden.
Today? Wednesday
I watered the garden early in the morning
And all the potted herbs and plants.
The doctor tells me I have lost twelve pounds
Since March. Not cancer
Simply scabs on the top of my head
From too much sun. He freezes
Them with liquid nitrogen and I say
It feels like a hundred bee stings and
This is the result of the years I spent
Life-guarding. The weight
Loss thanks to walking my dog every day
Three or four or five or six times.
Shriveling cucumber leaves
Under August sun.
The basil leaves, too.
Pin cushion zinnias
Gently swaying lollypops
If you like, cherry, strawberry and
Watermelon, vanilla, pink lemonade
Mandarin orange, grape, cookies and
Cream, island punch, bubble gum.
My neighbor bought an RV today.
Parked it between our house and his house.
I supposed we might get used to it.
An extra-large white refrigerator
Eye-sore turned on its side
Looming over our fence, a space-
Craft I will pretend it to be.
\”I didn\’t know you liked to camp,\” I said.
\”I don\’t,\” he said. \”My wife does.\”
He is bald and he is not wearing a hat.
I am wearing a hat. My doctor
Said I should always wear a hat.
I went inside the house.
I drank a beer to celebrate
My weight loss.

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