Artful, Remarkable Photographs


In a few minutes I will be on my way to the last day of a four day photography conference here in Western Massachusetts, sponsored by PPANE. I’m sad to see it coming to an end as it has been very enlightening.

Both speakers yesterday talked about the importance of knowing and understanding art history (from Vermeer to Renoir, Caravaggio to Monet); and then creating artful, remarkable images. And the power of understanding and using one-light photography.

I have always felt that by drawing on that degree in Art History, a passion for telling stories, and years working as a portrait and documentary photographer (And owning an Art Gallery) has helped me bring a heightened sensitivity to my photography. 

After Vermeer, Sara. Photo by Bruce Barone.
Katrina (one-light). Photo by Bruce Barone.

Today’s sessions are about photographing high school seniors. I have photographed a few seniors and I think it could be a good secondary market to wedding photography. 

Meet Matty:

Matty. Photo by Bruce Barone.

What artful, remarkable images have you seen lately?

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