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Morning Light

This morning. The sky blue. Robin\’s egg blue. The bright light pierces the sitting room window. Illuminating the sunflowers in the vase.

 So, too, outside, The Rose of Sharon illuminated. A backdrop for the Zinnia.

Light. I am reminded of former gallery director Sandy Carson\’s comments regarding my photographs of The Lower Mill Pond in Easthampton, Massachusetts:

\”I am impressed with your sensitive and imaginative eye. Because of your photos, the viewer sees the landscape with all of its subtle nuances  and myriad of compositional relationships. Many of your portraits capture the inner nature of the individuals without being posed or contrived….I have a gallery in Denver and also have an art consulting firm. We  have been in business for 30 years……I\’ve been intrigued with your photos for a long time…just waiting  for the right client to show them to and I, believe, that we have  found one……….I am interested in doing a  series of images of the mill pond that you so effectively depicted in  B/W and color and at different times of the day and primarily during  the Fall. It reminds me of Monet\’s compositional and light variations  of his series on Chartre, lily pond, haystacks etc. The images are accessible but thought provoking in their characterization of the nuances of change in a given environment….  they help the viewer understand that there is an ongoing  transformation and evolution  in a given landscape.  Sometimes the  change is slight; sometimes birds inhabit the scene, sometimes the  grasses become the emphasis rather than the water, sometimes the log  protrusions become geometric constructions in an otherwise organic  surround…….

Here are a few of the images, which will eventually find their way, with others, into a Blurb Book, \”The Lower Mill Pond:\”

Let there be light.

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