New Place and New Project

A wonderful note arrived today from my friend, Mylène Dressler. She writes:

\”Hope this finds you well and not too warm?  We\’ve been sweltering out here in the desert.

\”I think I told you earlier this summer I\’ve been dreaming up a project for us to work on together, if you\’d be interested.  Let me tell you what I\’ve been thinking so you can see if it grabs you.  I am imagining a coffee table book that would also work well as an e-book and on iPadWorking title, \”American Mirror.\”  On one side of the book/screen would be my words (taken from the many stories I\’ve been collecting on American Stories NOW); on the other side would be one of your images–the words mirroring the image and vice versa (this \”mirroring\” could take any form we want; it would not have to be a direct representation of the story).  We would collaborate on choosing the stories and images; we would use materials we\’ve already written/shot and possibly commit to gathering new ones over, say, the next six months or a year; we might try to get together (I\’d love to come out your way, and have no stories from your part of the world) to work on a few new stories/images together; and when we have a nice collection in the order that we want it, I would take it to my agent as a proposal and see if we could find a home for it. I\’ll tell you up front I have zero experience with non-fiction books and how hard or easy they might be to place (all my experience is with fiction); but I think if we approached it as a labor of love, knowing that we will create something beautiful in the end, we\’ll be at peace with whatever happens, small press or large.

\”What do you think?  If this sounds like something you\’d delight in as I would, send back your thoughts and we\’ll start chatting.  I think it could work beautifully not only as a traditional book but with modern technology.

\”Hope to hear from you!\”


Ah, yes. Something beautiful–to be sure. How exciting!

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