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Today Is My Birthday

Today’s Self Portrait
holding my first camera;
it even has my name and address on it!
If you are looking for distinctive portrait, nature, or documentary photography,
or someone you know is looking
for photography that helps to create a more artful and beautiful life,
please contact me.

4 thoughts on “Today Is My Birthday

  1. the camera is cute but it is the penmanship that drives the sweetness to a new level:)happy birthday, bruce. hey, you’d almost, maybe (we’ll see how it turns out) be proud (ish) of me. i’m going out on a limb and making more than…cutting a fruit šŸ™‚ … i’m making lemon rice soup with chicken tonight. had it at a greek restaurant weeks ago and have been haunted by it since.xoerin


  2. Happy Birthday Bruce, what a sweet post. I hope it was well celebrated with your favorite cake and ice cream, or whatever it is you love.


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