Being and Being Bruce

Last night,
Thursday night, 
Susan and I sat in our backyard
enjoying a glass of Pinot Grigio
Photo by Bruce Barone.
 and the beauty of the garden
Photo by Bruce Barone.
I wish you would visit;
I would give you some lettuce–
I have so much and soon
many tomatoes
Grape Tomatoes. Photo by Bruce Barone.
yesterday the Liatris bloomed
Liatris. Photo by Bruce Barone.
The Daisies bring me joy
every day
Daisies. Photo by Bruce Barone.
And I love the solitary daisy
which hangs above the brick walkway
Daisy. Photo by Bruce Barone.
We watched the clouds
sweep across the sky
and the moon
Photo by Bruce Barone.
Nadine watched, too
Nadine. The Cat. Photo by Bruce Barone
And there was time
for a self-portrait in the garden mirror
Self-portrait. July 7, 2011.

3 thoughts on “Being and Being Bruce

  1. Looks like you have “being” mastered 🙂 What a lovely sky to sit beneath…and the garden, you know I love it, too. Today I’ll be out on the stoop working on my plants that need some tlc. Thanks for the inspiration! PS Can’t wait to see the tomatoes!


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