Why a Loving Heart?


Tomorrow is February 1st and many people will be turning their thoughts to love and Valentine’s Day.

Today I am thinking of the powerful and inspiring message Susan and I heard yesterday at Edwards Church in Northampton, Massachusetts.

I am a long-time member of the church. My children, Danielle and Daryl, were both baptized at the church and attended Sunday School; I even served as a Sunday School teacher a few times!

But yesterday was the first day I attended services in a long time (Danielle, who is getting married at the church on June 25 of this year, sat with Susan and I, along with her wonderful fiance, Mike.).

It was, for me, a happy homecoming. I was greeted by many old and dear friends: The Rev. Peter Kakos; David Kidwell, the minister of music; and Bill, Sue, Janet, Sandra, Chris, Nancy, Jim, Mark and others. Stephanie waved from the choir, which, I might add, is one of the greatest choirs in all of New England!

But more importantly was Peter’s sermon message. A message about how we can best nourish our spirit and soul. A message about the importance of fellowship. Of music. Of prayer. Of love.

Today, the words of Paul the Apostle resound within me:

“If I speak in the tongues of mortals and of angels, but I do not have love, I am a noisy gong or clanging cymbal”

Love, I believe, is essential to my communication with others.

And love is the most important part of any message that I communicate to others.

It is love that fuels my vision, my art. And it is love that directs me to share this art and vision with the world.

Love guides my Nature Photography:

Love prospers my Portrait Photography:

Love blesses my Documentary Photography:

Wherever I go, I believe, the light of love goes with me, and I add something of enduring value to that which I take part. Loving words and acts, gifts, art, say what perhaps nothing else could.

So I begin and end all my conversation and photographic creations from a loving heart.

“Faith, hope, and love abide, these three;
and the greatest of these is love.”
1Coriunthians 13:13
And you?
I would love to hear from you!

If you want events in your life documented or are looking for distinctive nature, portrait or wedding photography–photography with soul that inspires you
to live a more artful and beautiful life,

20 thoughts on “Why a Loving Heart?

  1. As Mother Teresa said;”intense love does not measure, it just gives”When we give love without measuring – it comes back….Please see my friend’s work – John-Maggiotto, he just started a blog….AGM-Maggiotto….love for you two gentleman to connect…pve


  2. It’s nice that you had the opportunity to reconnect with so many friends from church, and more importantly- that you were able to do so with your daughter and her fiance.It can sound cliché, but I believe love is the center, the force, the beginning, and the end of all actions, relationships, experiences, and creations… whether I’m in the kitchen baking, like I was this weekend, or having a difficult conversation with a family member, as I was last night. It really does “make the world go round” :).


  3. Bruce, I love seeing your love-filled photos. They come across as very heart-felt and are a joy to look at. I especially loved your photos out through the window into the garden. I so agree with you that coming from a place of love in everything we do is essential for meaningful communication.Fiona Stolzehttp://fionastolze.wordpress.com


  4. Thank you,Bruce, for sending light into my day with this post and your beautiful photography. Church is supposed to be a place where we can gather together with others in unconditional love and be encouraged and strengthened, and from what you describe, your church is that place! What a gift you have been given to be able to share and express love through your photography. There is no greater power than Love!


  5. Your photography is so beautiful, it must come from a person with a beautiful heart! Your post says it all. You are truly a reflective spirit–both with writing and with photography. Lovely that you found community and joy in returning to your church.Judy Stone-GoldmanThe Reflective Writer


  6. i have never been much of a church goer but i am great believer in love.Your photographs truly capture where you are coming from in terms of your feelings of love. We can certainly see your love for your work in them..Beautifully written and beautiful photographsJulie Labes,…The Fierce over 50 feels much younger point and click junkie loves to travel does not use a jogging stroller and before you ask this is NOT my granddaughter..Woman


  7. Ah, Bruce! One of my most favorite topics… if you can call “love” a topic! I host a radio show online. The foundation of the show is: “Love is One Energy with Limitless Expressions.” I see and feel how joyously you are experiencing and expressing love in so many ways.Love-lyTambrahttp://JoyofLoveandLife.com


  8. Hi Bruce,Thanks for this beautiful expression in words and pictures. Fellowship and compassion, music and poetry, love and prayer… they all seem to converge into one idea. What shall we call it?Congratulations on the coming wedding in your family. Over the years I’ve helped with hundreds of weddings, and I’ve heard St. Paul’s words in hundreds of ceremonies. “Love is patient. Love is kind… “. Always chokes me up.By the way, I recently heard somewhere that Paul was the first to suggest the idea that God is Love. Do you know if he was the first, at least in recorded history?On another note, Bittman has concluded “The Minimalist”. Still at the NYTimes, but in a new role. Stay tuned.Robbie


  9. Beautiful! Your words actually calmed me as I was reading them. You create a beautiful image with your words. Your photographs are beautiful as well – I can SEE the love in them. Thank you for sharing.Carrie


  10. That verse you quote from Coriunthians was my grandfather’s favorite and one I had read in his honor at my wedding. I so clearly see your love in your writing and photographs…your message goes straight to the heart. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs…they inspire me.Darcie NewtonWine not whine. Nature not nurture. Discipline for profit, none for cheese.http://mywealthspa.com


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