Susan’s Birthday

Yesterday, Friday, January 8th, was Susan’s birthday. When I woke up on the day before, the 7th, I thought the 7th was the 8th. Before she woke (on the 7th), I scrambled to wrap her present and make her card. (See Freddy above sniffing at her card and present.) Soon she came out of theContinue reading “Susan’s Birthday”

Autumn Painting

Follow me. There is a path up ahead. I can see it. I have been here before. Follow me across the stone bridge. It is beautiful. Follow me. I have to finish painting. And then I came home to paint.

Pretty Photos

Just some recent photos from the last days of September and first day of October. Leaves in our backyard. Monarch Butterfly. I love this photo. And they are still visiting the garden! Mittineague Park, West Springfield. Down the street from where we live. Gooseberry Farms. Down the street from where we live. Gooseberry Farms. GooseberryContinue reading “Pretty Photos”

A Garden Needs Weeding

Yellow Tiger Swallowtail Ruby-throated Hummingbird In my garden I am Weeding I know not the names of the weeds They surround my plants I do know my back and leg muscles Will ache the next day I am on my knees Two hours on my knees I think this  is a form of prayer ManContinue reading “A Garden Needs Weeding”


On Friday In Springfield, Massachusetts I waited in the waiting room At the urologist’s office. I waited and I worried. I prayed and I meditated. I said my Mantra. I said the great I Am. There were a handful of us there Waiting with our masks on; Our face-coverings protecting us From the virus. IContinue reading “I AM”

God’s Tiny Flying Ballerinas

Thursday morning A hummingbird At the feeder I imagine It is God’s Tiny flying ballerina Dancing from feeder to flower The garden of zinnias Pink and yellow and red and orange I must hurry To photograph The tiny ballerina The tiny dancer Moves so quickly Here then gone Not like the swallowtail Spending all morningContinue reading “God’s Tiny Flying Ballerinas”

Mother’s Day

Although my mother has passed on, her love still lives in my heart and her wisdom continues to inspire me. I am grateful for the many ways my mother has blessed me. I also feel deep appreciation and tender affection for all those who have blessed me with the selfless gift of motherly love.

Gardening Is About Patience

Yesterday, Susan bought me a basket A box really, a cardboard box basket filled with herbs Four white plastic pots, basil in one Rosemary in another, oregano in one Thyme in another, waiting to be Planted in late May in my garden Walking Freddy down our street I see a man cut down a pineContinue reading “Gardening Is About Patience”

The Silent Joys Of Everyday Life

Sunday morning I photographed the weeping cheery tree. In the afternoon I travelled to Vienna, Austria. Budapest, Hungary. Top of South Island, New Zealand. The British Virgin Islands. I loved visiting Virgin Gorda and Anegada-Davida, also known as “Drowned Island” (It’s highest elevation is only 28 feet above sea level.) and “Conch Island.” Last weekContinue reading “The Silent Joys Of Everyday Life”

Out My Window on a Saturday Morning

“Who’s the most beautiful in the Land?” I believe I am making the world a better place with beautiful photography. If you are looking for beautiful portrait, nature, or documentary photography, or someone you know is looking for photography that helps to create a more artful and beautiful life, please contact me.