The Vision of a Poet

Many birds this morningSinging songs of praise and joy.Doves, Finches, WoodpeckersCrows and Robins. Siting in backyardMy dog next to meEating a marrow bone. Later him sleeping On the love seat in the office.The cat of my desk.Thank You God. Thank You. Later I go shopping.Another yarn heard.On the radio an untrue story.A Hungarian FolkOpera. Háry JánosBy Continue reading “The Vision of a Poet”

Royal Fireworks

I am now writingAbout yesterday. An angelHigh up in pine tree. Two doves in a tree.A woodpecker pecking.Geese flying overhead. Playing Frisbee with my dog. The way my dog knows when I Pick up my camera we are going outside.Learning story of Handel\’sMusic for the Royal Fireworks.The music providing a backgroundFor the Royal Fireworks the woodenContinue reading “Royal Fireworks”