Nice To See You

Walking my dog Freddy A mini-labradoodle Early morning Past a bevy of doves One dove calls out Says, I think “Nice to see you. “Nice to see you. “Nice to see you.” A man opens his front door Calls out “Hello, Boss.” Boss. I think I have never been a boss. I have been aContinue reading “Nice To See You”

Spirit Life

“A beautiful bouquet, Bruce,” Susan said. “Some of the flowers are dying. “I’m going to pick them off. “And you can photograph them.” And I did And we dumped them in the compost pile. Beautiful there, too. Other flowers and coffee filters (I hope the filters are recyclable!). Later in the morning I tied upContinue reading “Spirit Life”

Holy Mystery

I stood at the kitchen window. I watched the sparrow. The sparrow gathered our dog’s fur. Freddy’s fur. I wondered if the sparrow could fly With the weight of the fur in its beak. I watched the sparrow Fly with the fur. I watched the sparrow fly over the fence. I lost sight of theContinue reading “Holy Mystery”

New Photos from Bruce Barone

Avante-Garde Clematis. I planted my garden on Memorial Day. I planted Sun Parasols in 2 colanders. Meet the family. Coral Bells. Also featured at Design Seeds. I made a delicious Turkey and Arugula Meatloaf. YUM! A Baby Robin on the garden fence. A Frog on the garden gate! A Queen Anne’s Lace hybrid. Rhododendron. AContinue reading “New Photos from Bruce Barone”

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day: Most of my photos of this past week have been not of the earth but of food, which I suppose is in essence of the earth. Last night I grilled hamburgers for the first time this year: The night before I grilled a steak for the first time this year: IContinue reading “Earth Day”