Welcome to My Kitchen!

It seems somehow appropriate that I give birth to this Blog, Bruce’s Kitchen, today, August 12th, the birthday of one of my biggest fans, my daughter, Danielle.

I can still see her sitting in her baby high chair years ago in our brownstone in Weehawken, New Jersey, eating meatballs, her face covered in tomato sauce, giggling “More. More”

I have always loved cooking and I can remember I would help my father and mother prepare meals when I was a child; dicing the pepperoni for the lasagna, cutting potatoes for the frittata, slowly and gently stirring the ravioli.

Maybe the love of preparing and serving food is simply in my genes. My mother’s parents owned a small diner called Lawson’s Little Diner which was near the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California.

Cooking for me is all about love. Love for friends and family. Healthy, simple, inspired recipes for everyday celebrations.

May you find inspiration here.