To The Greenhouse, To The Green House

The greenhouse “is my symbol for the whole of life,
 a womb,
 a heaven-on-earth.”

Theodore Roethke 

Greenhouse, Mittineague Park. October 19, 2010. Photo by Bruce Barone.

I return to the field (“The glorious gifts of God are not to be cast aside.” Homer, The Iliad):

Mittineague Park, West Springfield, MA. October 19, 2010. Photo by Bruce Barone.

 See Under: Field Work.

We do not have a greenhouse on our property but we do have a garden where we grow tomatoes, lettuce, parsley, coriander, tarragon, mint and chocolate mint, sage, peppers, wildflowers and more.

And we do have a green house where, for one example, we are careful to buy only what we need and we recycle and compost; my gosh I can no longer look and touch an egg shell, a parsley stem, coffee grounds, seeds from a tomato without thinking to the compost bin they must go!

Here I am yesterday afternoon making larger our small garden for next year as I want to also grow garlic, cucumbers,eggplant and more flowers.

Self Portrait with Pink Wheelbarrow.

Are you keeping a Green House?

How? I would love to hear from you!

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