The Three A’s to Successful Night Snow Photography

1. Attire

We are all familiar with the term “Dress for Success.” When photographing in the cold at night, paying attention to this adage can make the difference between getting great images or mediocre images. It takes more than good equipment to achieve success; Keep you head, feet, hands, legs, chest warm.

2. Attitude

Having a positive attitude when you are out in the cold at night will have a great impact on your success rate. Simply said: You should be having fun! Which brings me to my next tip:

3. Attendance

We have often heard “Half of success is showing up and the other half is showing up on time.” What I mean here is that we, as photographers, ought to be “practicing” every day in the same way a painter uses a paintbrush, a pianist uses a piano.

Snow. Rain. Heat. Aren’t these all situations for us to discover new landscapes of and for success? And when we add Attendance to Attitude to Attire we get success.

Of course, a Tripod is a necessity as is an umbrella (if it is still snowing or raining). Often, people might see me standing in the snow or rain behind my Tripod, an umbrella in my left hand, and my right hand on my camera!

Snow Falling on Bus Stop. Easthampton, MA. Photo by Bruce Barone.
Do you have rules for success?
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