Shoot Me

If I ever, ever, ever say I am going to participate in an Arts & Crafts Fair I want you to say, “Bruce. What are you CRAZY!”

Self Portrait with the help on my #1 Son, Daryl.

Years ago, but not so many years ago, I commuted from Western Massachusetts to New York City a few days a week as a print sales person for one of the largest printing companies in the world.

Often, I would bring my daughter, Danielle (and sometimes a friend of her’s) or my son, Daryl. And they would come with me on appointments at my customers: Conde Nast, Book of the Month Club, Columbia House, Reader’s Digest, Vibe Magazine.

And we would always make time to visit galleries and museums–and have lunch! I’ll never forget the time Daryl came with me to Reader’s Digest (the NYC office) and my customer, Stacy, Daryl and I had lunch at Mesa Grill–Daryl was I think about 12 at the time and ate his whole lunch; pasta with seafood and then after saying goodby to Stacy, a dear friend, the two of us went to the Museum of Natural History.

Ah. But this featured self-portait (I took self-portratits at every art show I went to!) was taken at The Metropolitan Museum of Art–with Daryl’s help.

Peace be with you.