Giving and Bread

In today’s Advent message from Unity I read:

“The real value of a gift is not determined by how much you pay for it, but by what you invest of yourself in it. A relatively inexpensive gift that has been blessed by your love and thoughtfulness will bring joy and lasting inspiration to the one who receives it. Always give imaginatively, lovingly, freely, enthusiastically–whether your gift be a word, a smile, an act or a Christmas package. It is better not to give at all than to give with a sense of burden or with the hope of gain.

“True giving is spontaneous, like the overflow of a spring or fountain. Stir up the spirit of love and joy within you–so that you cannot help but give. Then give in the happy realization that every gift, whether to God or to a person, has something of you in it–the best of you–your love, joy, appreciation, thoughtfulness and strength.

“Give with no strings attached, and you will receive in the same manner.”

Dear Readers, I give to you today this message, the following photo, and a recipe for making bread:

Spring at Mittineague Park. West Springfield, MA. Photo by Bruce Barone.

What are you giving today?
I would love to hear from you!

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