Dynamic Olioboard Equals Sales & Profits

I am going to teach you how to use Olioboard in a new way. A dynamic way. A way guaranteed to WOW your clients and improve your sales and profits.
Let’s begin at the beginning.
I had a vision.
I was sitting in my living room thinking about my High Point Market Showroom. As a first-time exhibitor I wanted to make sure it spoke of beauty to each and every interior designer who might visit.
Why not, I thought, use a photograph of the real High Point Market Showroom space as my basic Olioboard. As the saying goes, Every picture tells a story; so why not start with a great picture! (Albeit, a before picture–wait till you see the after picture next week!)
I first experimented with a photo of my bedroom.
Here is the original photo (Benjamin Moore “Winding Vines” paint):
What might my room look like with a few of my photos above the bed? I uploaded the above photo to Olioboard and a few of my photographs and voila:
Doesn’t it look beautiful? I felt so giddy after seeing this that I immediately started to work on my High Point Showroom Olioboard.
I have two enclosed spaces next to each other at High Point Market in the Antique & Design Center. The larger of the two is my fine art photography gallery and photography studio. As a first-time exhibitor I felt it key to get a sense ahead of time of how best to decorate the spaces with my fine art photography.
Here is the larger space. The gray fabric on the left represents my studio where I will be updating visitor’s headshots. My photographic art will hang on the brick wall and a table will hold my computer, and a few (and fun) small framed photographs. Two green banners will hang on the windows. I believe it looks great and will look even better when I photograph the complete installation (Stay tuned for that Blog post! The After Picture!).
The smaller space will be promoted with a banner that reads “Bruce’s Lounge.” A few of my photographs will hang in this space which will also have a table and two chairs. It is a place meant for people to take a break and relax. A few spiritual books will be made available for uplifting reading. I believe people are going to love taking a moment to relax in the space.
So how do you do this? How do you create a Dynamic Olioboard?
I recommend the following and it is really quite easy:
1. Find a photographer who you respect and are comfortable working with in partnership. It is important to have your before and after pictures reflect reality. Ideally, empty rooms are perfect to photograph but as I illustrate here you have the ability to work with furnished rooms (more on this in a minute).
2. Upload your “real” room photo to Olioboard.
3. Here is where the fun begins. You can either upload photos of art and products and drag them into your Olioboard or you can use the products on Olioboard’s site.
4. If you are good working with Photoshop you can actually edit out products in a room and replace them with other products. I did this replacing a painting with a framed photo (I used the “patch” tool to eliminate the painting and dragged the photo into the picture on Olioboard. See below:

If you have questions, please contact me . Here is my new business card designed specifically for my showroom. Stop by and visit me in the Antique & Design Center  MS-G/ADC-30b&c so I can personally give you a card, update your headshot, and share my vision with you.
And if you are going to High Point Market you do not want to miss this:

Pinterest & Olioboard: From Inspiration to Income
Saturday, April 21
When: 10 AM – 11 AM

Where: Market Square, Antique & Design Center – Mezzanine Level Seminar Space

Summary: Start your High Point Market week with Leslie Carothers, CEO and founder of The Kaleidoscope Partnership, a global social media agency, as she collaborates with Jennifer Mehditash, Interior Designer/Owner Mehditash Design and blogger at www.dec-a-porter.blogspot.com. These two industry experts will speak about the value of Pinterest.com and Olioboard.com for working designers and the manufacturers who work with them. Sponsored by VandM.com

And if you want distinctive nature, documentary or portrait photography–photography with soul that inspires you to live more artful and beautiful life, please contact me.
I once read:
“One who does something in a new way,
which is also a better way,
is dynamic.”
Make your Olioboard dynamic!