Before The Wedding Rehearsal

Today is the day
when we rehearse
the wedding
bless be
Danielle and Mike
soon this morning
I pick up
my tux
and beverages
for Sunday’s brunch
in our backyard
Now it is
coffee, you, and me
and memories
the wedding rehearsal:
Danielle. Newly born.
Danielle. Newly born. Love this photo.
Danielle exploring our backyard in Weehawken, NJ.
Danielle on the beach at Cape Hatteras.
Danielle. One of my favorite portraits.

Soccer Team Co-captain.
Lacrosse team co-captain.
Danielle and her brother, Daryl.
Danielle and Mike and friends in my loft.
College Graduate. Physical Therapy, Doctorate
Danielle and Mike at their engagement party.