A True Story for Super Bowl Sunday

I was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. I attended Lowell Elementary School, Thomas Jefferson Junior High School, and Teaneck High School–for one year, my sophomore.

And then my family moved to Ramsey, New Jersey. I tried out for the football team weeks before we moved to our new home. Weeks past, months, and then came our Thanksgiving Day Game.

And here is the promised story, quoted from the newspaper:

“Just when things looked blackest for The Rams, a 5-8, 145-pound junior named Bruce Barone had his moment of glory and it brightened up the gloomy morning for the Blue & Gold backers. Minutes into the second half the fans along the sideline began to cheer when he hauled in the kickoff at the eight, raced up the middle of the field and, just as he got in heavy traffic, cut to his left and sped down the sidelines for a 92-yard touchdown scamper. It would be a game that everyone connected to The Rams would remember.”

Bruce Barone.

 Months later, I would be elected student council president. And captain the track team.

Which reminds, I need to get back in shape; my daughter’s wedding is only a few months away!

Did you participate in sports in high school?
Student government?
I would love to hear from you!

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