A Poem Re-written for My Brother on the Occasion of his Birthday

Photo by Bruce Barone
the mountains
are distant
but not so
across the river
through the cornfield
where we ask why
we are answered
what you are
or have
become what
do you want
once  when
we were on
the mountain
this way
we called
over the ridge
we are
almost there
where now
it was
wet and cold
an endless
painted in fog
our path
was clear
the peak
called out
we dreamed
of sleep
and peace
and still
the path
led us
what path
this path
and all
the dream
the river
where we
once were
we met
a priest
or was it
an angel
she said
follow me
now we
she did
not speak
but we
heard her
on the path
at the top
of the mountain
she said
we took off
our back packs
and sat
in the soupy air
she said
this way
to the promised
land here
up ahead
quiet soon
it will be
follow me
my brother
and i followed
along the path
and i dreamed
a dream of one
peacock singing
slow and beautiful
to me
songs in moonlight
in a field she
sings a short way
it is turn left
cross the bridge
the castle is
close the castle
is always
just down the road
Photo by Bruce Barone.

~About my brother: 

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