Tara Taught Me This

It snowed last night all through the night and I awoke to this:

I painted the fence this past summer. It is Benjamin Moore “Victorian Purple.” I also painted our house doors this color–and our wheelbarrow and a small outdoor table.

The chest you see here I found on our street. A neighbor had put it out for the garbage men to pick up. Wait a second I thought to myself. That chest would make a great focal point in our yard.
I grew peas in the bottom draw this summer!

And this is what the amazing Tara Dillard taught me. I don’t remember her exact words as she taught me this years ago; she was one of my very first internet friends–ten or eleven years ago!

What I do recall is Tara talking about putting things out in your landscape to which your eye would carry you–a focal point; it is all very poetic in my mind.

This is what the fence looked like this past summer before I painted it Victorian Purple:
Self Portrait with Nadine.
Isn’t it beautiful? All thanks to Tara! It makes me smile.

Meanwhile, back to this morning; we had a few beautiful visitors to our backyard landscape:
Do you have something in your yard that make you smile?
I would love to hear from you!

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