A Favorite Poem; “Kicking the Leaves”

This is a favorite poem. “Kicking the Leaves” by Donald Hall.   Kicking the leaves, October, as we walk home together from the game, in Ann Arbor, on a day the color of soot, rain in the air; I kick at the leaves of maples, reds of seventy different shades, yellow like old paper; and poplarContinue reading “A Favorite Poem; “Kicking the Leaves””

Autumn Painting

Follow me. There is a path up ahead. I can see it. I have been here before. Follow me across the stone bridge. It is beautiful. Follow me. I have to finish painting. And then I came home to paint.

God’s Palette

All the colors are there in the leaf. God’s Palette. Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. Violet. I found God’s Palette yesterday, Saturday, in our backyard. This I read early Sunday morning (Today’s Daily Word): “In the past, I may have hidden my inner light, afraid to be myself. I may have tried to pleaseContinue reading “God’s Palette”

Pretty Photos

Just some recent photos from the last days of September and first day of October. Leaves in our backyard. Monarch Butterfly. I love this photo. And they are still visiting the garden! Mittineague Park, West Springfield. Down the street from where we live. Gooseberry Farms. Down the street from where we live. Gooseberry Farms. GooseberryContinue reading “Pretty Photos”