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I KnowThe Pieces Fit

The puzzle pieces
Remind me of the ABC’s.
Alone each letter is just a letter.
Together with other letters
They form words. A puzzle
Piece forms nothing until
Together with other pieces
A picture emerges:

A is for ART, artist, apple, attitude

B is for Beauty, Barone, Bruce, bloom, butterfly, breath, bread, blessings

C is for Cat, The Cat Nadine crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Cardinal the bird, Chef, clouds, cooking

D is for Daryl and Danielle (son & daughter) Dad, dream, Darlene (sister), Dennis (brother)

E is for Easter (He is Risen), Earth, eternal, Emily (granddaughter), energy, enthusiasm

F is for Freddy (our mini-labradoodle), Fred (father), frittata

G is for God, garden, Gardenia, gardening

H is for hummingbirds, Heaven, heart

I is for I AM, innocence

J is for Jesus, journey, joy

K is for kitchen (love in the kitchen)

L is for Love, learning, language, laughter

M is for Mountain, mustard seed, Michelle (sister), Matthew (grandson), Michael (son-in-law), meditation, mystery, music

N is for NOW, notebooks

O is for Opportunity, omelet

P is for Prayer, Peace, Poet, poetry, Photographer, Painting, Paradise, pasta, Proverbs, Psalms

Q is for Queen, Mary Queen of Scots (It is rumored from whom I am descended), Quarantine

R is for Robin, river, reading, recipe

S is for Susan (wife, friend, inspiration)

T is for Time, Tamago-Yaki, tomato, thoughts


V is for Vision, vegetables

W is for window (Out my window I see), writing, wine, Water

X is for xylophone (I played in Elementary School Band), Xerxes

Y is for Yourself (Be kind to your Self)

Z is for Zinnia

“From this time forward I make you hear new things,
hidden things that you have not known” ~ Isaiah 48:6


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