Gardening Is About Patience

Yesterday, Susan bought me a basket A box really, a cardboard box basket filled with herbs Four white plastic pots, basil in one Rosemary in another, oregano in one Thyme in another, waiting to be Planted in late May in my garden Walking Freddy down our street I see a man cut down a pineContinue reading “Gardening Is About Patience”

The Silent Joys Of Everyday Life

Sunday morning I photographed the weeping cheery tree. In the afternoon I travelled to Vienna, Austria. Budapest, Hungary. Top of South Island, New Zealand. The British Virgin Islands. I loved visiting Virgin Gorda and Anegada-Davida, also known as “Drowned Island” (It’s highest elevation is only 28 feet above sea level.) and “Conch Island.” Last weekContinue reading “The Silent Joys Of Everyday Life”