Pasta with Artichokes and Pancetta

So delicious! Based on a recipe from The New York Times, Melissa Clark. Ingredients 1 lemon, cut in half 4 medium artichokes, or 8 to 10 small or baby artichokes (I used a box of frozen artichokes. I sliced each in half.) 8 ounces short tubular or corkscrew-shaped pasta (I used fresh  Kosher salt 1Continue reading “Pasta with Artichokes and Pancetta”

A Sunday Sermon: A Recipe for Self-Improvement

I read the following a few days ago and I found it inspiring. Food for thought, if you will. Susan gave me the magazine last week. She had been talking about reading spiritual books with an older man in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center. He had said to her that was whatContinue reading “A Sunday Sermon: A Recipe for Self-Improvement”