True Freedom

A beginning begins somewhere. Let’s begin with The Daily Word, Sunday, June 14, 2015: “Today I stop placing limits on my ability to live the life of my dreams. I start by taking an honest look at what I believe about myself. I identify false, destructive thoughts and sweep them out of my mind. ThisContinue reading “True Freedom”

New Photos from Bruce Barone

Avante-Garde Clematis. I planted my garden on Memorial Day. I planted Sun Parasols in 2 colanders. Meet the family. Coral Bells. Also featured at Design Seeds. I made a delicious Turkey and Arugula Meatloaf. YUM! A Baby Robin on the garden fence. A Frog on the garden gate! A Queen Anne’s Lace hybrid. Rhododendron. AContinue reading “New Photos from Bruce Barone”