Some Things About Friday

Susan got new sunglasses:
Susan. Northampton, Massachusetts. Photo by Bruce Barone.
We came home and I enlarged and edged the garden
so I can build a brick edge around it:
Self Portrait. Bruce with his Mantis Tiller. July 15, 2011.
Later, Susan and I relaxed
with a few glasses of Pinot Noir
and Pizza
a roasted red pepper,
Vidalia onion,
jalapeno pepper
(from my garden)
and red potato
(the potatoes from a potato salad I made;
a simple salad of the potatoes,
oregano and apple mint from my garden
lemon juice and almond oil):
Photo by Bruce Barone.
And you?
I would love to hear from you!

5 thoughts on “Some Things About Friday

  1. Love the sunglasses, the purple fence and dinner! May I come over? :)Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the email with the link to your beautiful photos of Michael Trapp’s Gardens! What a treat! – I’m your newest follower and fan! Enjoy the weekend!xo Isa


  2. Bruce it is an oasis, your garden looks so abundant!! Isn’t it a treat to cook with home-grown veggies?I was over Isa’s and your photography featured took my breath away!xoxoKarenaArt by KarenaCome and join my Giveaway of a very special painting!


  3. PGT, Thank You. But I keep saying to Susan “stay out of my garden; I will do the weeding!:)Isa, I thank God I found you. Or we found each other.Karena, You constant support means so much to me; truly!! xo


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