This Hour We Give Thanks

Black Birds in Tree in Yard. Photo by Bruce Barone.
We are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act. Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them.
  – The Buddha
If you want events in your life documented or are looking for distinctive nature, portrait or wedding photography–photography with soul that inspires you
to live a more artful and beautiful life,

3 thoughts on “This Hour We Give Thanks

  1. Thanks for visiting Ruth!Tara, they say:RememberFour male cardinalsin the pine trees anddozens of sparrowsfluttering aboutthe birdfeeder, Oh Godall iscrystal clearthis morninggive us thisday and when Jesus wasbaptized he went upimmediately from the waterand behold the heavenswere opened and he sawThe Spirit of Goddescending like a doveand alighting on himand a voicefrom heaven sayingthis is my beloved sonwith whom I amwell pleased andin our baptismGod will findamong us a dwellingto comfort andsustain uspeace isthe peaceof obediencethe kitchen table where I sitto write, to seeis in front of a windowlooking out I see this morningsnow falling, birds feedinga cardinal, a woodpeckercrows, squirrels, I seethe bushes and treesthat will need trimming this springand in the distance the tree topsand the sky, look upsee in the infinite what I takesometimes to be the ordinary, lift upyour eyes and lookaround at the daygive us the strengthrefreshed in bodyand spirit enrichedby the meaning of todaythe windowthe snowthe birdsand then Iwander a bitinsidemyselfthinking of the goalsI have setdown on paperchange is like black nightsicicles form from everythingthe pine tree, the oakthe bird feederthe gutter, they falltoward earthit is onein the afternoonand snowjust started fallinglightly, I watchI rememberMary Queen of Scotsit is rumored from whomI am descended, it says hereQuesta famiglia originaria della ScoiziaE nobilissima in molte citta,Ed e divisa in molti ramiThe Barone family, my familyOriginated from ScotlandMary’s son King James VI of ScotlandBecame King James I of EnglandKing James great grand daughter marriedThe King of ItlayIt is noble in many cities andIs divided into many branches itHad many fiefs and illustrious men in courtIn the magistrature, in the armyAnd in the church it wasConferred high chivalrous honors andWas vested with the holy ordersOf Malta from the 15th CenturyIt includes, as branches, the CountsOf Casola and the Marchesi di LiveriThe title was granted in 1710To the celebrated literary figure DomenicoDirector, San Carlo Opera, NaplesPraised even by Giambattista VicoIn an assembly of praise of himMade by the Academitrician in 1735The family is listed in the Registry of NeopolitanFeudal families and numbered amongThe patricians of the Republic of MarinoThe Republic was represented in LisbonBy the Court of Casola and Marchese di LiveriBy Napoleon Barone son of Marchese PasqualeWho had as his grandmother Maria FilomarinaOf the Principality of BoccaTitle to Alfrede Domenico BaroneHeld from 1869-1952 also as the CountOf Casoli in the Registry of NobilityMelchizadek descendant of Pasqualeand likewise Alfred my fatheror so the story goes there isa castle and a titleor at the very least a storythat belongs to me in ItalyI write to knowwith you I am______P.S. My brother, The Poet Laureate of West Hartford, CT., writes a week or so ago:”I thought you might like to know this information I got yesterday about the Palazzo Barone in Liveri, Italy. Maria Frank, the U of Hartford Italian professor, emailed me a couple of weeks ago from Lauro, Italy. That is the town next to Liveri. Her sister lives in Lauro. So I emailed back and asked her if she could get information or a picture of the house in Liveri. She explained to me in Italian and I’m not sure if she checked it out or her sister. Anyway, one of them or both of them went there, spoke to the mayor, looked through the locked gate. The property now belongs to the town. It is in ruin. In recent years overflow from a nearby mental hospital were placed there. There is a big locked gate and one can’t get in — danger from falling stone. Pretty neat!


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