Today. Thursday. Rain. A hard and steady rain. And wind.

It looks something like this:

Dark Day of Rain at Look Park. Photo by Bruce Barone.

Yesterday, with today’s weather in mind (and Friday’s weather forecast), I went for a walk at the park down the street. This is what I saw:

Mittineague Park, 9/10/29. Photo by Bruce Barone.
Thinking of Andy Goldsworthy. Photo by Bruce Barone.
Waterfall, Bridge and Wall. Photo by Bruce Barone.

 Today. A good day for quiet meditation.

Geri. Photo by Bruce Barone.

I photograph people and nature for a living.
My mission is to connect with people, inspire people, and build community.
How can I help and inspire you?

“Love makes everything that is heavy light.”
~Thomas Kempis

4 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. Stunning photos Bruce. I really admire your capture. I’m especially enjoying the fall photos… Are you on flickr? So many of these photos would be great additions to many of group galleries over there…:D Lynda


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