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If you are looking for distinctive portrait, nature or
documentary photography, or someone you know
is looking for photography that helps to create
a more artful and beautiful life,
please contact me.

The Yellow Vase



Up at 6:45
Feeding cat, Nadine
Waking dog, Freddy
A short walk with Freddy
Coffee with Susan
Playing Frisbee with Freddy in backyard
A long walk with Freddy
Working on my new website
More spackling in bathroom
Using Susan’s hair dryer to dry spackle
Sitting in backyard reading poetry
To the sound
Of crickets
On the beauty
Of a vase of zinnias
Purple, red, orange
In the morning sunlight
A hummingbird passes through the light
In the garden to the rose
Of Sharon, my dogs barks
when he hears a dog barking
In the distance, tomorrow
there will be the sound
of children
back at school
down the street
in their playground
Freddy buries his biscuit
between two tomato plants
and around noon
a tiger swallowtail
comes into the garden
and soon
a sister-in-law
we drink wine
to calm our nerves
she said
as her sister
died yesterday



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